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Resources Management Consultant

1442 Rice Street, Vallejo (near San Francisco, California 94590

Phone: (707) 552-8056, E-mail:

Managing resources safely, strategically, and sustainably


Mr. Popkin saved over $1.5 billion for his clients over the past 20 years through his demonstrated leadership skills. His background encompasses 25 years of diverse experience in program, project and staff development, the direction of 500+ different projects, combing resource efficiency, sustainable development, and environmental analysis and management.

Project Development and Management

Mr. Popkin developed projects that resulted in revenues of over $25 million. His major projects include: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) projects for the U.S. Navy in the San Francisco Bay area under Navy CLEAN; environmental master plan for BARELANG (Indonesia); Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) permits for California power plants; and support of the Airborne Warning And Control Squadron (AWACS) bases in Saudi Arabia. Individual project contracts have been as large as $35 million for commercial projects and $13 million for military projects. Examples of his work are presented below.

Marketing Research and Analysis

Mr. Popkin conducted marketing research and analysis for environmental, engineering, commercial, and non-profit organizations, and museums. He developed a marketing strategy for an East Coast museum that allowed the museum to develop a new market in the art travel business and reversed their bottom line to positive cash flow.

Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Development

Through his leadership and involvement in water and wastewater projects and gold, gravel, potash, guano, lignite, and tar shale mining projects, Mr. Popkin contributed to the efficient use and management of natural resources in the U.S. and abroad. He developed resource management and environmental master plans and sustainable cities programs for BARELANG (Indonesia), the Philippines, and San Francisco, among others.

Water Supply and Water Quality Management

Mr. Popkin managed more than 50 water supply exploration, development and management projects for irrigation, shrimp and halophyte farming, and commercial, industrial, municipal, and mining use. He managed mining projects for gold, gravel, potash, lignite, and tar shale including water supply and de-watering programs. He contributed to the San Francisco groundwater management plan, California groundwater protection standards, water supply and water quality protection guidelines of Thailand, Houston water management plan, and Arizona groundwater management law. Mr. Popkin discovered a new source of fresh, artesian groundwater for metropolitan Houston, and he saved over $250,000 for the City of San Antonio by adapting an innovative technique to estimate aquifer properties from well production test data.

Wastewater Management, Reuse, and Disposal

Mr. Popkin managed more than 20 wastewater management, reuse, and disposal projects. He contributed to the World Bank wastewater discharge policy. He also co-authored U.S. EPA manuals for land application of municipal wastewater, and he designed and implemented several wastewater reuse plans in Arizona and Maryland. Mr. Popkin saved over $1.25 billion for commercial, industrial, and municipal clients through wastewater reuse. In addition, he conducted a forensic study with expert testimony to allow a commercial park go forward in Houston.

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

Mr. Popkin managed more than 30 landfill permitting, siting, monitoring, investigation, remediation, and closure projects. These projects included closure and post-closure planning in accordance with all federal and state regulations. Mr. Popkin contributed to local and global solid and hazardous waste management policy.

He also managed or participated in over 25 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) corrective measures studies (CMS) and CERCLA remedial investigation (RI) and feasibility study (FS) projects. These projects typically included soil and groundwater characterization, risk assessments, feasibility studies, regulatory agency negotiations, and removal or interim remedial response actions. Mr. Popkin managed hazardous waste management projects up to $35 million. He saved over $150,000 for a railroad company by recommending and implementing an innovative remediation strategy for an accidental petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) release in Southern California. He saved over $150 million for the U.S. Navy by developing an innovative TPH remediation strategy protective of human health and salt water life in San Francisco Bay.

Environmental Auditing, Assessment, Planning, Permitting and Management

Mr. Popkin managed or conducted more than 300 site assessments and facility audits for property transactions, 50 underground tank (UST) investigations and cleanups, and 55 asbestos containing materials (ACM) surveys. These projects consisted of site characterization, remedial action planning, agency negotiations, and site cleanup.

Mr. Popkin managed, conducted and reviewed 25 Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Office of Nuclear Waste Isolation, and National Environment Policy Act (NEPA) projects in Alabama, Arizona, California (California Environmental Quality Act [CEQA]/NEPA), Georgia, Louisiana, New York, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Washington. These projects included siting nuclear waste facilities, nuclear power plants, hydroelectric dams, coal fired power plants, pipelines, bridges, ball parks, and wastewater treatment plants.

In addition, he improved the safety and performance of a nuclear power plant sited in Arizona, helped eliminate unsafe nuclear power plant sites and hydroelectric dam sites, and encouraged “brownfields” development. He saved over $80 million for a waste management firm in a major New Jersey industrial site acquisition, and over $75 million for an investor in a major California bank acquisition.

Legal Community Support

Mr. Popkin managed more than 30 projects for the legal community, including property transaction work, environmental impact analysis, third-party reviews, litigation support, and expert testimony. He provided testimony in an appeals hearing based on his forensic investigation which resulted in overturning a sewer restraining order to allow commercial site development for his client in Houston. He provided expert testimony for successful toxics release law suit in the San Francisco Bay area that saved his commercial client more than $50 million.

International Programs

Mr. Popkin managed more than 30 international energy, water supply, conservation and reuse, and wastewater projects in the offshore-U.S. (Alaska, Hawaii), Mexico, the Middle East, North Africa, Bashkiria (formerly USSR), East Africa, central Europe, South America, South East Asia, and the Pacific Rim. He improved the quality of life in BARELANG (Indonesia) through technical assistance and training that he provided in water and water quality, wastewater management, erosion control, and solid and hazardous waste management. He improved the capacity to produce food and fiber through seawater management and integrated seawater farming in Asia, Mexico, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Publications, Teaching, and Training

Mr. Popkin prepared and presented over 75 articles. He has taught geology, geography, hydrology, hydrogeology, hydrochemistry, water resources management, and environmental negotiations and management to university, public interest, business, legal, and professional groups as well as to project and client staff. Mr. Popkin served as Director of Environmental Programs at Golden Gate University (San Francisco). He initiated and taught environmental classes or lectured at the Asia Pacific International University (San Francisco), Bar Association of California, Clarendon College Community (Texas), Learning Annex of San Francisco, Pima Community College (Arizona), San Francisco State University, University of Arizona, University of San Francisco, and the online Virtual University.


M.S., Hydrology and Soil Science, University of Arizona, 1973

B.A., Geology and Mathematics, New York University, 1964

Integrated Solid Waste Management Certificate (honors), University of California, Berkeley, 1997

Hazardous Materials Management Certificate (honors), University of California, Berkeley, 1993

Business Management Certificate (environmental compliance emphasis), University of California, Berkeley, 1992


Professional Geologist, Georgia, No. 000288, 1976

Registered Environmental Assessor, California, No. 00055, 1988

Registered Geologist, California, No. 5585, 1993

Asbestos Inspector and Management Planner, Cal/EPA, No. 89-0001118, 1989

Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, AIHMM, No. 4890, 1994

Certified Professional Soil Scientist, ARCPACS, No. 2367, 1976

Hazardous Materials Contingency Planner (G311), FEMA, 1993


Northern California, Professional Environmental Marketers Association, 2001 Treasurer

Northern California Chapter, Academy of Hazardous Materials Managers, 2000 Vice President, 2001 President

San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Hazardous Materials Advisory Committee, 1996-1999 co-chair, 1993-1999 member

Tetra Tech EMI, recognition award for outstanding project management and innovation, 1998

U.S. President, recognition award for outstanding performance at PG&E Nuclear Power Generation Group, 1992

City of Houston, Texas, recognition award for discovery of a new, fresh groundwater source, 1966

U.S. Geological Survey/Water Resources Division recognition award for innovation, 1965